August 21, 2019 Why AWS Academy?

Why AWS Academy?

Why should someone pursue AWS Certifications through AWS Academy?

Amazon Web Services is the fastest growing certification on the market today. Why? Because things are shifting. The market is changing and moving to the Cloud, and if you’ve been in the IT field, you’ve already seen this. I’ve personally been in the IT sector for over 35 years and I’ve watched this evolution and transformation transpire on a continuous basis. I love constant shift, but not everyone does. You have to be willing and open-minded to new things all the time. I’m a sponge. I love learning and taking in new things, but I wasn’t always this way. In high school, I did not love learning because of how I was taught. Learning should be fun and engaging. However, when I stepped into the world of technology as an adult, I realized there’s no ceiling or endpoint. You can continuously learn whatever you want, whenever you want. You can evolve over and over again and keep yourself relevant and be sustained long-term.

AWS and other platforms like AWS are utilized in businesses around the world. Cloud platforms are utilized in businesses that are moving to the Cloud, that are looking to reduce business costs through automation and reduce redundant processes to make things more efficient for businesses. Teaching AWS is critical for us to help ensure that the next workforce generation understands these platforms and how to use them to create business value. The startups of today are not the startups of 20 years ago. If you had a startup 20 years ago, you had to buy hardware and infrastructure to get your business going. Today, you don’t need to do that. You can easily go into AWS, spin up what you need, use it for as long as you need it, then turn it off when you’re done. That’s huge cost savings for small companies that want to execute quickly on a vision that they have, whatever it might be. 

Nebula Academy and AWS

AWS helps Nebula Academy to build instructor aptitude while building industry capacity. Our organization is addressing a need and gap in the industry by positioning ourselves as the innovators and pioneers of how we learn and how we support the next generation. Having theory and concepts is great but it doesn’t always lead to a job in the career in which you achieve a degree. In many cases, students end up in careers that have nothing to do with what they studied in school. We see that all too often. We want students to leave higher education not only with a degree, but with a valuable certification. We want students to have the opportunity to prove competency in their fields of study and bring immediate value to potential employers seeking to hire recent graduates.

AWS Academy offers that. You’re literally working on real-life scenarios in the actual infrastructure that you would utilize in the field. You have instructors there to support your success and a collaborative environment to engage with both instructors and your peers. When you’re working on building up a server or going through a scenario wherein you are applying a real-world concept that you’ve learned, you have to execute the process. You have to set things up, configure things, determine how the configuration process works, and understand the components that need to be in place for the server to function or application to work. Using the right teaching model, content, support and coaching ensures that students are preparing for long term success.

Having an opportunity to work in a classroom environment, either virtually or in-person, where you can gain that real-world experience in a cost-model that’s affordable for students, is also a game changer. Nebula Academy offers competitive pricing and we make sure our students get the value they seek in gaining certification. Our industry-accredited instructors have worked in the IT field for 30+ years, and have experienced the evolution and understand the concepts students are trying to perform today.

There are multiple layers in this certification process. Once you get one, you can build and work on additional certifications that increase your depth of knowledge and demonstrate your ability to execute and build on that knowledge. In addition, having a certification can increase your salary by $20k-30k a year. Moreover, having an AWS certification increases your likelihood to be selected for an internship or entry level position.

As a result of our training programs, we are addressing the resource gap in today’s workforce. We are enabling companies to grow their businesses and reduce their costs by taking on new and existing employees with these skills who can immediately impact their productivity and profitability.

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