3D Printing

Jellybox: 3D Printing

There is no better way to learn 3D printing in depth than to build your own machine! Since the 3D printer kits on market didn’t satisfy our high demands on ease of build, use, and print quality, Image 3Dcreated the JellyBox. The idea behind it is focus on 3D printers foremost as a learning experience. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using the Jellybox to provide teachers foundational skills that they can then teach in their classrooms to support the development of critical thinking, synthesizing information, and real-world problem solving to life.
  • Learn how to utilize the software tools and maintain the printer, then take it home or back to your classroom.
  • Our Experience: We use spheros in our WCTD after-school coding classes for students ages 7-12
  • We also use spheros in our summer programs, teaching advanced math and getting students engaged in math competencies

Age Groups:

  • Using Jellybox: K-12
  • Building Jellybox: Ages 9+

Jellybox: 3D Printing

  • Manufacturing was once reserved for expensive and large industrial complexes, and usually to other countries. The 3D printer changed that dynamic by handing it back over to people.
  • However, people don’t know how what to do with this power. Even those who buy or have access to a 3D printer often stumble for months before they can assimilate the tool.
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