Computer Science Educator Certification – Overview

Computer Science Education Certifications

Program Overview

Course Curriculum

Get Certified to Teach Computer Science

This program is an immersive training experience for school districts that want to not only provide their teachers with the skills necessary to educate the next generation of students, but they want to ensure the investment in training carries over into the classroom. Our immersive program provides teachers with the skills and tools to engage with the modern classroom of dynamic learning styles, and to leverage technology as a tool engaging the classroom in project based experiential learning. This bootcamp is designed to support districts to implement the training in the classroom with assessments throughout the year to monitor metrics over time.

Nebula Academy Coaching Certification

The Coaching Foundations program is designed for the educator audience, including teachers, administrators, and anyone working with students. Over two days educators will have the knowledge, skills, and models to engage in more brain-friendly conversations and create brain-friendly learning environments and experiences leading to positive outcomes.

STEAM Coach Certification

The Coaching & ICT Foundations program incorporates the Coaching Foundations course but focuses on incorporating ICT in the classroom. Participants will learn basic computer science (CS) principals, understand how to implement tech such as Drones, Spheros, and Micro:bits into the classroom, and be prepared for offline days which teach CS without the use of technology.

Computer Science Teaching Certification

The Coaching, ICT, & Computer Principals course incorporates the previous two courses and gives educators the toolset that will allow them to teach AP Computer Science Principals & AP Computer Science A. This 10 day program will cover, psychology, technology, CS principals, & implementation up to an AP level.

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