Computer Science Teaching Certification – Overview

Computer Science Educator Certifications

Get Certified to Teach Computer Science

Our immersive program provides teachers with the skills and tools to engage with the modern classroom of dynamic learning styles, and to leverage technology as a tool engaging the classroom in project based experiential learning. The certification begins with Coaching Foundations, expands into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom, and culminates with the Coaching ICT, & Computer Principals. Components are described in more detail below.

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate competency in both communicating and motivating others to succeed, demonstrate competency in designing a modern learning experience that engages students in 21st Century learning skills using technology to create knowledge construction to build capacity in 21st Century workforce skills.

Understand how this is different from traditional learning and traditional teaching and learning environments. How to build an understanding of the expectations of such a learning environment and experience and how the role and behavior of students has to change, as well as the role and behavior of the teacher, in order to ensure success. Most importantly the need to have a visualization of what it has to change into and what it looks like when being done successfully. Lastly, building team collaboration so that each member has a clear understanding of the purpose of their work together. This bootcamp can be taken during the school year, or over the summer.

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