Computer Science Teaching Certification – Training Schedule

Computer Science Educator Certifications

Get Certified to Teach Computer Science

Our immersive program provides teachers with the skills and tools to engage with the modern classroom of dynamic learning styles, and to leverage technology as a tool engaging the classroom in project based experiential learning. The certification begins with Coaching Foundations, expands into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom, and culminates with the Coaching ICT, & Computer Principals. Components are described in more detail below.

Training Schedule:

  • Day 1 : Coaching Competencies
  • Day 2: Cognitive Learning Research
  • Day 3: 21st Century Learning Design
  • Day 4: 21st Century Learning Design
  • Day 5: Final Project – Building Digital Content

The 21CLD curriculum – developed to enhance 21st century skills in student learning – builds on the 21CLD research methodology, providing a collaborative, practice-based process that helps educators transform how they design enriching learning activities for their students. Educators have the opportunity to actively engage with classroom evidence of 21CLD in action in classrooms across the globe. The 21CLD curriculum is based on six rubrics, which have been developed and tested internationally. These rubrics help educators identify and understand the opportunities that learning activities give students to build 21st century skills.

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