August 21, 2019 Why AWS Academy?

Why AWS Academy?

Why should someone pursue AWS Certifications through AWS Academy? Amazon Web Services is the fastest growing certification on the market today. Why? Because things are shifting. The market is changing and moving to the Cloud, and if you’ve been in the IT field, you’ve already seen this. I’ve personally been in the IT sector for […]

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August 19, 2019 Facing The Problem Head On

Facing The Problem Head On

Laurie Carey Founder and Executive Director of Nebula Academy Nebula Academy provides opportunities for professional development across a focus of Science, technology, Engineering, Arts and Math [STEAM], career concepts and computer science initiatives. Our focus is on providing young adult learners and educators with the right tools and concepts to understand technology and its role […]

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August 5, 2019 Drones Make STEAM Practical and Fun – A Coach’s Perspective

Drones Make STEAM Practical and Fun – A Coach’s Perspective

Teaching coding with drones to both teachers and students has made me a bit envious of current students and the opportunities given to them to learn in a fun and engaging manner. When I was attending school, teachers had a tendency to shy away from questions like, “How does what I’m learning now apply to […]

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