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At Nebula Academy we focus on providing the best professional development around. Take a look at some of our instructors, consultants and trainers and book their time.

Laurie Carey

Laurie Carey is a new American educator – challenging the problems of American education with a multi-prong vision that brings the tools of business success, innovative educational practices, and strategic technology to schools, districts, universities, teachers, students and parents. Laurie Carey is not the proprietor of another educational product or service.  The entities that she has founded, Nebula Academy, Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC and We Connect The Dots, Inc., are driven by ideas, passions, individual skills, partnerships and the efficacy of research. Both entities utilize mutually supporting designs to bring American education to a new level of effectiveness and leadership by replacing stagnation and irrelevance with passionate motivational learning and teaching.

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Nicholas (Nic) Leask

Nic is a STEAM Coach with experience in Technology. He is a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Certified Instructor and Microsoft: Education Educator (MEE) Certified Instructor.  He attended the Minecraft: Education Edition training at the Microsoft Corporate Office in Redmond, Washington. He graduated from Stony Brook University where he attained a degree in Environmental Studies and a degree in Business Management. Post-graduation Nic worked for an environmental marketing agency and later worked at a technology recruitment firm. The latter is where Nicholas found his opportunity to move into technology. He attended a software engineering bootcamp in NYC where he gained experience working primarily with CSS, HTML, JavaScript & React. While working with Connect-The-Dots, Nic has helped shape Nebula Academy and taught the importance of bringing tech into the classroom and how to utilize technology as a resource tool to engage students in immersive learning experiences.

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Michael T. Carey

As CEO of IT Systems Group, Mr. Carey was very early to market during the proliferation of the file server and the explosion of networking in the corporate and government environments. As Long Island’s first Certified Novell Engineer, he quickly built a successful company centered around sales and support of new and emerging, game-changing technologies. With an intense passion for and a deep understanding of how technology helps businesses reach their goals, Mr. Carey built the platforms from which his sales and operation staff succeeded. Through instruction and coaching, he empowers his people to be creators of their own processes and their own successes. Besides building sales and operational teams, Mr. Carey used his programming skills to develop customized business reporting systems for the purposes of supplying his teams with highly relevant, actionable, real-time management information. Most recently, Mr. Carey’s builds mobile and web solutions for business leveraging today’s cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Mr. Carey holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Francine Maione

Francine Maione is an Instructional Technology Consultant currently specializing in integrating STEM Equipment into Pre-K, Primary, Middle and Secondary Classrooms.  She graduated from New York University with a degree in Educational Theatre. Francine entered the field of Technology as a Teacher Assistant/Computer Specialist in a K-6 Elementary School in Manhasset, NY. Her experiences working with both students and teachers in a Computer Lab has fueled her passion to assist todays Educators in gaining the skills necessary to encourage creativity & innovation in a STEM setting. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) and enjoys volunteering for We Connect The Dots, Inc. 

Mark Grundel

Mark Grundel is a former 5th grade teacher, working in public education for 12 years, first at Trenton Community Charter School and then at Woodbury City Public School District.  Mark is the founder of #MinecraftEDU a weekly Twitter chat that brings educators from across the globe together to discuss best practices in game-based learning with games like Minecraft.  Mark has been recognized for his work by his district, where he won Teacher of the Year in 2016, by Microsoft, where he was awarded MIE Expert, MIE Trainer, Skype Master Teacher, Surface Pro Expert, Minecraft Global Mentor, and Minecraft Certified Trainer. Mark has worked with Black Rocket Productions for 3 years where he has helped write and revise cutting edge, innovative curriculum that focuses on turning children from consumers of content, into the producers.  Mark has presented at the NJEA Convention, Minefaire Philadelphia, Microsoft’s Educators’ Summit in Redmond, Washington, developed Minecraft Trainings and MOOCs, in conjunction with Microsoft, and presented at several EdTech Conferences, Convnoentions, and EdCamps. Mark has led several trainings on Game-based learning, most notably multiple sessions at the Microsoft Flagship Store in NYC for NYC DOE STEM Teachers and at Temple University.  Mark is also a Google Certified Educator and part of the NJ Standards Advocates, which is the local chapter of Achieve the Core.

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Dr. Julene Reed

Julene is a professional development consultant, researcher, and educator with over twenty–five years of experience in education. Julene holds a doctorate in education leadership with a focus on global education. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Teacher, Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator, Google Earth Education Expert, Microsoft Innovative Educator and Trainer, education author, and international consultant and presenter.

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